Pool Landscaping Considerations  

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There are doubtless thousands of ideas for landscaping pools and here are a few more. I am invited to explain simple landscaping ideas with people who are curious in sparking up the appearance of their existing pool or who are looking for some ideas before they begin to discuss with pool architects. A lot of pool landscaping ideas don't have much to do with the pool itself, but rather the surrounding area; the setting.


One such landscaping structure are pool side gazebos where you can entertain friends and visitors while they are not swimming. They can also change clothes and relax under the shade of many styles of closed gazebos. For entertaining around a pool, gazebos are a prerequisite. They are straightforward to access and eliminate the need to be constantly in and out of the house with wet feet.

Plants & Flowers

Plants around a pool serve a couple of several purposes. One major purpose is to make the pool blend into the surrounding area naturally. Quite another intention is to obstruct the view of "peeping toms" and to provide you with some seclusion.

When choosing landscape plants, it is right to select those that require low support so that you don't have to fish the leaves or petals that are blown into the water. One great alternative is to use a broad leaf evergreen such as a holly. I suggest going to your local greenhouse and talking with one of their experts.

Here's a list of tropical looking plants that I have had success with:

- Aspidistra

- Aucuba

- Banana tree

- Elephant ears

- Cyprus

- Palms

Instead of planting flowers in the grass, you are best suited to put them in containers. The advantage of doing so is that you can move these indoors when it is too cold specially during the winter and then bring them back the following spring. Also, whoever cuts the grass will thank you!

You should refrain or stay away from planting fruit trees by the pool because they dirty the neighboring area, attract bees and their roots will damage to the tiles of your swimming pool. Quite possibly the very worst types of greenery around a pool are evergreens, like oaks and pine because they don't only drop leaves but also acorns, leaves and needles. Another variety of plant to avoid is one with thorns. People romping about poolside will not be appreciative having to dodge the prickly leaves and branches. Not to mention the wear and tear on skin and clothes.


A pool fence is a prerequisite. Whether regulated by your municipality or not, it's a safety measure that cannot be overlooked. Having a fence installed around your pool is necessary if you have young kids or even pets. It controls access to the pool, therefore, preventing swimming pool accidents. An added bonus is the privacy afforded by a pool fence. Usually, these types are about six feet high with overlapping patterns. You can choose latticed fences that still keep you from being exposed but allows air and light to pass through.

There are many different kinds from wrought iron, wood, PVC and chain link. Chain link is the most affordable but also the least impressive. This can be easily remedied by adding privacy panels or a crawling plant like ivy.

Landscaping Pictures for Pools are Worth a Thousand Words.

When it comes to the design of a perfect pool landscape, one of the best ways to create your small backyard landscape vision is to browse through thousands of ideas right here [http://www.gardenlandscapingsolutions.com/products/picture-perfect-landscaping/] to help turn you landscape concepts into reality. Creating the right image is the first step in your landscaping solution and if you can picture it, you can do it!

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