Pool Landscaping Needs To Be Planned To Get The Best Results

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2010 in Articles

Pool Landscaping is one of those projects that you may be involved in once or twice in your lifetime, getting it right is an art. By installing a pool, above ground or below, you're making a long term investment that will be used by your family for many years to come. A party with a swimming pool backdrop provides the perfect setting to bring friends and family together, providing joy and wonderful memories. Whether you're a child or a centagenarian, a swimming pool will provide hours of enjoyment and physical exercise.

Pool landscaping enhances tenfold the aesthetic pleasures of your pool. The choice of the right plants for our tastes and garden as well as their location to minimize foliage on the pool and avoid them being ruined by the pool's chemicals splashing on them from the pool. Be wary of any plantings having roots that may grow under fencing or under the house, be aware of how the plants will look at different times of year to provide variety. Creating shaped lawn cut outs, using rocks and fencing to make your view from inside the house a pleasure. Choosing your pool furniture well and other water features within your garden will enhance the look and usability of the space.

You'll need to think about whether you want to plant annuals, perennials or both. A great idea is to plan your garden seasons so you'll enjoy blossoms for as long as you enjoy your pool. This will take some doing, but different plants blossom in different cycles, so it is possible to have perpetual blossoms year-round.

You undoubtedly already understand the responsibility of owning a pool. Most areas require fences around your pool and whether it's legally required or not, it's a very important consideration. You wouldn't want small animals, or worse, small children to have unsupervised access to your pool. Aside from safety a fence provides privacy. Climbing flowering vines are quite beautiful, but will need additional maintenance unless you want to deal with them growing out of control.

Also of important consideration are leaves. Pools require a great deal of maintenance, keeping the water sanitary and debris free. Having plants dropping excessive amounts of leaves and blossoms can create problems with clogging filters and creating a situation in which you constantly have to clear the surface and filters of your pool.

It should be clear by now that you have your work cut out for you. Once you decide what plants are best for you and your beautiful residential escape, you'll want to take out your graph paper and carefully plan the layout of the area around your pool. If you just begin planting, you may find that your sanctuary becomes chaotic and harried or equally as disappointing, over grown in some areas and sparse in others.

Engaging the help of a Landscape Designer will allow you to make the right decisions about your Pool Landscaping.

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