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by Pool Builders on 01-24-2011 in Articles

When most people ask the question "how much does a vinyl pool liner cost?" they are usually looking for the cost to replace a vinyl liner in their swimming pool. The cost of purchasing the liner itself is only a portion of the cost to install a new liner in your swimming pool.

This article will answer both of these questions. First, liner pricing is based on the physical size of the liner itself and second whether the liner is being sold wholesale or retail. Finally the liner itself can be for an above ground pool or an in ground pool. In ground pool liners more expensive as the are almost always a custom ordered shape that is made specifically to fit that exact pool. Above ground vinyl liners are often made to fit generic pool shapes so they are less costly overall.

Bead style liners like used on inground pool installations are more expensive than overlap style liners used on above ground swimming pools. An above ground liner can cost as much as $600 - $1200 retail and about $300 - $800 wholesale to dealers and installers.

A typical pool installer will mark up the price of the liner by a few hundred dollars all the way up to 100% mark up over their cost. When you add inspections, repairs and installation of the pool and liner to that price it is easy to see why some people are interested in finding ways to reduce the cost of having a new vinyl liner installed.

Purchasing a vinyl liner online will get you almost the same discount that a professional pool installer would have from a local supplier. This can be a great way to save more than a little money, up to half the cost of the liner, except for one very large problem. Most vinyl liner installation professionals will not install a liner that a customer has measured and purchased directly, and if they do, they mark up their labor costs so high that any savings made by buying a vinyl liner this way are negated,

With inground vinyl liner pools you can average the cost of the liner installation to be around $3000 to $5000 which would include the liner, the pool preparation and the installation itself. The retail cost for in ground liners is around $2000 - $4000 with actual costs about half these values if you can find wholesale discounts.

The very best way to reduce the cost of installing a liner is to purchase one online at wholesale cast and install the liner yourself. This process can be completed in a weekend easily by two relatively inexperienced people, with professional installers doing upwards of three installations daily in the summer.

This would allow you to avoid all artificial cost increases such as mark up, labor, taxes and make sure that you are not overcharged by some unscrupulous liner installer. In most cases the tools needed to install a vinyl liner are minimal with little or no specialized tools or skills required.

Larger in ground pools are actually as easy to even easier to install than many small above ground pool liners. Large liners also have the highest markup on the retail price as well as installation costs so the larger your liner, the more money that you can expect to save.

Items like in wall stairs and lights can increase the cost of your liner installation and freeform pools generally a more difficult to measure and install than rectangle shaped pools. All pools should have a visual inspection as well as a pressure test of the plumbing system prior to installing a new liner to protect your investment.

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