Pool Liners Are Cost Effective Way to Rejuvenate a Pool  

by Pool Builders on 09-04-2014 in Articles

Pool liners are a great and cost effective way to rejuvenate a pool.There is nothing like the joy that having a swimming cover in your own backyard can bring. Not only can you cool down on hot days, but they enhance the look of your backyard. But swimming pools can be expensive to maintain, especially when the chemistry gets out of balance. These are 2 basic things you can do to maintain a healthy and reduce the time you looking after it.

Now that spring is finally here, its time to get the pool ready for summer. The wise would have used a pool cover or debris cover over winter to minimize both chemical usage and debris entering the quality fabric liners. Not only does a fabric cover make a lot easier to maintain, you also have a much easier time preparing the pool for summer.

Inground pools are a different matter though. All are custom made, so no two are the same. The installer will use a special 3D measuring tool to measure the exact shape of the pool shell. This is then feed into a computer, which will pattern a new liner. This liner then needs to be installed by a professional crew in order to ensure a perfect fit that will last the longest.

Use a Pool Cover: Debris entering the pool is one of the largest sources of contaminants (the other being the people who swim in it!). So when not in use, cover the quality with a pool blanket. Besides eliminating a lot of debris, there are many other benefits to a pool cover that make them a cost effective choice, including;
1. reduces chemical usage, this is mandatory too! When the levels are too high, they can damage the pool cover.
2. traps heat in winter, making the pool warmer by up to 8oC
3. helps keep dust and debris out, which means you pool is cleaner for longer
4. significantly reduces water evaporation

There are a number of differences in blankets, the biggest being the quality. But the basic rule of thumb is that the thinner the blanket, the shorter the lifespan. A pool blankets thickness is measured in microns and typically come in 400, 500 and 600 micron thicknesses. Always when installing, make sure the pool cover is installed bubble side down. Higher end pool blankets will also have some sort of thermal insulation. You should also consider a pool roller system, as they are the easiest way to store and care for your pool blanket when not in use.

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