Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 02-13-2006 in Articles

So often we plan picnics for the weekend and feel aghast to see the swimming pool cloudy and murky. Probably, we can blame tough work schedules, health issues, personal problem etc for not keeping proper care of our swimming pool but the underlying truth is that we ignore Pool Maintenance. Pool Maintenance is not a specialist's job, and anyone with some basic awareness about pools can easily do it.

The most important thing in Pool Maintenance is water sanitization. You can use chlorine or bromine-based compounds (once in a day) to prevent bacteria growth and reduce algae formation in the pool water.

Besides, one must also use water pumps to circulate sanitizers to all parts of the pool water and also to filter our debris that usually accumulates on water surfaces or at the bottom. To gain maximum benefits from sanitizers, experts recommend adding them in evenings since sunlight could vaporize chlorine and reduce its amount in water.

During seasonal changes, one must take special care of pool water. After heavy rains, we often see that pool water becomes heavier and loses its clarity as well. To purify it, experts advise to add a shock dose (3-4 times more than usual intake) of chlorine to get the water back to normal.

One must also remove dead leaves and debris that accumulated in pool water after a windstorm. These particles often imbalance water purity; thus, experts advise pool owners to test Ph levels regularly. The ideal Ph level is 7.4.

Cleaning of Pool surfaces is another aspect that one must look at carefully. With usage and time, surface water is accumulated with sun-oils, body fats, algae, airborne pollution and other dirt. Thus, one must clean the pool surface along with the water line once in a week.

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