Pool Maintenance - 5 Methods to Ensure Pool Cleanliness

by Pool Builders on 06-20-2010 in Articles

When it comes to owning a swimming pool in your own private home, the chances are very likely that if you ask other owners in similar situations what the most important aspect of pool ownership is, their answers will almost always have something to do with proper pool care. Swimming pool maintenance is definitely something that every owner of a swimming pool should be up to speed with. Ignoring this very vital aspect of pool ownership will definitely ensure that your pool does not last as long as it could, allowing the elements to take over in turn what could've been an incredibly beautiful and fun experience into a disgusting cesspool of filth and bacteria.

Below I have listed five incredibly important tips to help ensure that your pool stays as beautiful as it can for as long as possible. Simply pay attention to the following tips and employ them on a regular basis and I guarantee that your pool maintenance duties will become a much easier job to handle and maintain.

1. Constantly remove any garbage or foreign objects from the pool.

Not only is it on pleasing to the eye to stay rid a pool full of garbage, but it can also contribute to your pool breaking down in the long run. Keep your pool water clean and remove empty pop cans and other piece of garbage from it immediately.

2. Remove all of the pine needles and other forms of foliage from the water ASAP.

This is something that is very closely tide to foreign objects and garbage muddying up the pool water. You should definitely act as quick as you can when you notice a buildup of pine needles inside of your pool water.

3. Get rid of any algae buildup immediately.

Algae are definitely just as disgusting, if not more unsightly and random garbage and pine needles from trees put together. It is a disgusting green sludge that can all me be destroyed with pool chemicals such as algae killer.

4. Remove every item from your pool area that isn't necessary or a pool accessory

This includes your children's toys, as well as your own personal objects, such as Frisbees, dog toys, and other things which don't need to be around the pool at the moment. Keeping everything that doesn't NEED to be around the pool properly stored in their respective storage area. A tidy pool area is a clean one.

5. Remove all of the leaves immediately.

You definitely need to pay attention to the buildup of leaves as they can clutter up the pool much worse than pine needles can. There much more noticeable and are much bigger objects and as such you should want to get them out of your pool much faster.

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