Pool Maintenance: A Simple Guide

by Pool Builders on 04-11-2011 in Articles

Ever wonder how professional pool cleaners do their job quickly and effectively? This is because they have the proper aid in doing their job because of their equipment. With today's financial difficulties, hiring a pool cleaner can be costly especially during the summer when yours is being used most of the time and needs to be frequently cleaned. This means you are going to throw precious money just to maintain it in which you can do on your own.

Of course you can clean your own. You don't have to be a good pool cleaner to do this kind of job. You can say goodbye to your pool cleaner and say hello to your new job. Most pool owners tend to enjoy this job as it is not really taxing at all with the help of some pool cleaning tools. After all you are the owner of the pool that's why you need to learn how to love and take care of it. So what do you really need to be able to do this kind of job on your own?

If you have your pool equipments such as the pool brush or scrub, pool vacuum, net (optional for pools located near trees and shrubs), net skimmers, pool cover, pool shocking product, and a water test kit.

Although this may be quite a cliché, regularly brush your pool as this is what really takes good care of your pools overall health aside from the chemicals that you put. Remove the slimy build-ups on the floor and on the sides and steps of your swimming pool. Remember that you and your family are the people who are using this pool, so cleaning it means that you are after the safety of your family. There have been many reports regarding accidents related to swimmers getting injured due to slimy floors that eventually results to bathers sliding on the floor. This can be easily avoided if you do a regular checkup and scrubbing of your pool tiles as well as on its surrounding. This will also discourage any algae formation on your pool as you will disrupt their habitat.

Use pool vacuum carefully as you can to avoid getting the dirt and debris back on the water of the pool. This tool comes handy on sucking out the dirt and debris that can give you a hard time when done manually.

Net skimmers and the use of nets are optional and only used when your pool is situated besides or near trees. However, you might want to get a skimmer net in case you will need to get something out of your pool.

Don't forget to put your pool cover every time you're not using your pool to keep dirt and debris out of your pool. This is also a good way to prevent any accidents of drowning from happening as it is the leading cause of death among children in the United States. Installing this will also let you cut off your expenses by saving on your pool energy consumption.

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