Pool Maintenance And Leak Detection

by Pool Builders on 11-03-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool is a joy to have in the summer. Initial cost of purchase and installation of an above-ground pool can be a bit difficult to get over, particularly if you have a deck built around it (and most people do), but the pleasure it will provide for the next several years is worth it to most people.

That said, if you wish to get many years of use out of your pool, then proper and strict maintenance is very important. The primary forms of maintenance are skimming the pool, checking and replacing the pool filter pads, and checking for leaks. Skimming is what most people think of when picturing pool maintenance-you simply skin debris from the surface of the water (and below it, if needed). The pool filter is a bit more complicated and depends on the manufacturer of the filter-follow directions as dictated by the filter's manual.

Checking for leaks is just as important as skimming and pool filter maintenance. Water is highly damaging to anything it can wear down (just find out how the Grand Canyon was formed and you will understand exactly how damaging water can be!) and it is extremely important to make sure there is no water seeping into your pool foundation, the pool walls, or any of the components or fittings beneath and/or next to the pool.

Detecting pool leaks is best left to professionals. They will employ a variety of methods, from simple to highly complex, in order to detect, pinpoint, and fix any possible leaks you may have. This type of maintenance is best done at least once a year, particularly after you uncover the pool from storage in the spring.

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