Pool Maintenance: Curing Cloudy Water and Debris Issues  

by Pool Builders on 11-30-2011 in Articles

You may have already had to call in a pool maintenance service to solve this problem for you because it could be perplexing. The reality though, is that you can have easily solved your cloudy pool water and debris problems on their very own in the event you just knew exactly where to look and what to look for. So when you have an automatic pool cleaner, and you're nonetheless plagued by water clarity and debris problems keep on reading to discover the solutions.|It is an all too typical problem for pool owners. Every thing is going along just fine, the water is crystal clear, and free of debris, after which for some "unknown reason" the automatic pool cleaner appears not to be operating also as it once did. So there's an obvious problem and your first inclination of course will be that it's the pool cleaner that needs to be repaired or replaced. But is it? The answer turns out, is the fact that it could be any 1 of a number of issues, and it's your job to determine which 1 it is.|If you are a swimming pool owner, then in due time you'll be dealing with it. All will be going fine, and every thing seems to be functioning smoothly to help keep your water crystal clear, and debris totally free. Then one day you look into it and notice that things have changed. The water just isn't as clear as it used to be, and perhaps you will find small pockets of debris accumulating. So keep on reading simply because you might as well find out the solutions now, so you'll be ready when it happens.

The very first place to look is in the pumphouse and the first thing to check will be the pump itself by simply listening to it. Is it making any odd noises or producing a funny smell? Either of these could be pointing towards the pump motor that requires to be replaced or repaired. Now if that checks out, and everything is fine with the pump motor, the next factor to check at will be the screen filter on the pump, and also the actual pool filter with an eye towards cleaning.

Then it's out towards the pool exactly where you can haul the pool cleaner up onto dry land for fast examination. Look up inside of it to determine if it's clogged with chunks of larger debris like maybe sticks, and leaves. Or maybe a little item of clothing like maybe a kid sock has fallen into the pool and has been sucked up. Also check to ensure that all moving parts are functioning freely as they should, after which if it is a pressure side pump with the vacuum bag check the bag to make sure that it is not torn connecting properly.

Then if your problem is debris that appears to become building up in an area of one's pool, like up within the shallow finish or within the bottom of the deep-end you should check the "inflow and outflow" ports. These are the little ports on the side your pool and they need to be adjusted accordingly to produce a "natural current" inside your pool. It is this current which will keep debris moving about, so it could be sucked up and removed, and if the water going in and out of one's ports isn't performing that properly they need to become adjusted.

Then the subsequent item to check if you're using a water powered suction side or pressure side pool cleaner, will be the length of the hose that's connected up to In. You see, if the hose is too short it will keep the machine from accessing the whole pool, so this may be your problem. The hose needs to be long enough to reach from one finish of one's pool to the other, plus have a little slack in it for additional measure. So check that it does.

Now if you have checked out all the above, and your water continues to be cloudy with debris problems, there is 1 last item to check, and that is the hose itself that runs the pool cleaner. Remove it totally from the water and go over it from end to end, examining it for any little cracks or holes. In fact one sure-fire test is to close off one end then blow into it to apply pressure. Now if you find even one crack it is most likely time to consider replacing it.

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