Pool Maintenance Facts Every Potential Pool Owner Should Know  

by Pool Builders on 05-15-2013 in Articles

A pool can provide great value to a resort in terms of added customers. For homeowners too it can be a great way to have fun and relax in their own backyard. In addition, because you spend a considerable amount of money on installing infinity pool, fiberglass ponds, and others, timely maintenance is very essential.

Let us look at some reasons why maintaining the pool yourself or hiring a pond maintenance company is a very important aspect to consider.

It can be harmful to swim in unclean water

Once you have a fully functional pool, you have to maintain it regularly, even when you do not use it very often. The water is bound to be contaminated over time with dust and debris. Even algae can form on the sides and floor of the pond making it harmful for health, and slippery. Different people entering the pond make the water more prone to bacteria and parasite growth as well.

When you spend time in the water, your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin come in contact with this water. This can result in skin irritations, rashes, and infections. In order to ensure good health and safety of your guests and family members, you need to make sure the water in the pool is always clean and safe swim in. Another disadvantage of a dirty infinity pool is that it will damage your pond and make the pond lose its original attractive appearance.

Supplies and equipment needed to maintain the pool

When you install the pond, the manufacturer of the pool will be able to guide you regarding the kind of equipment you will need for your pool. A standard pond will need a normal filtering system, pool pumps, chlorinators, and skimmers. You might also need pond heaters depending on the geographical location of your pond. You will also need a wide variety of products to clean your pond like algaecides, balancers, enhancers, pool oxidizers, etc.

In case of an infinity pool, apart from the above-mentioned equipment and supplies, you will also require an additional pump. This pump is for the water that gets collected into the trough underneath the negative edge, which has to be pumped back into the main pool.

Maintaining a pool on your own in fixed intervals can be a very tedious task for many pool owners. Considering how important regular upkeep of an infinity pool is, it might be a better option for you to hire a pool maintenance service to do the task.

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