Pool Maintenance - Tackling a Case of Algae

by Pool Builders on 10-09-2009 in Articles

Imagine...You have been away from home for a day or two and look forward to some fun and frolic in your pool on your return...Wait! What's all this scum floating around? The water is cloudy, dirty and stinky! Your pool did not look like this just two days ago! Oh! Oh! Your pool is struck by a serious case of algae - the pool owner's nightmare.  This translates into immediate pool maintenance for tackling a case of algae.

Algae love stagnant water, warmth and sunshine, so if you have been lax with pool maintenance and the pool pump or filter have been inefficient in circulating and cleaning water, you could be facing a serious case of algae. Pool algae come in a wide variety of colors; pink, green, yellow and black. When conditions are suitable for their growth, these can cover the water surface practically in a day. Algae not only make the water unfit for swimming, but also stain pool tiles and clog the filtration system leading to breakdown of the essential pool equipment.

Algae infestation can be a real dampener on the pool season, with you having to wait days to rid your pool of the infestation. Mercifully, chemicals called Algaecides can come to your rescue. These are capable of killing off algae in the pool as well as the spores floating around in the air which could potentially re-infect the water if any of them happen to land on the surface of the pool water. However, Chlorine pools should not be treated with algaecides; instead enzyme-based chemicals should be used.

Another alternative is to take precautions to prevent build-up of algae in the pool water by using chemicals called Algaestats. Prevention involves checking daily or weekly that your pool water is properly circulated by the pump and that the filters are working efficiently. If you have ever faced a case of pool algae, a regular preventive dose of algaestat would make good sense. Algaestat added to your pool water at the beginning of the season could keep your pool algae-free. There is nothing more bothersome than losing good swimming days because you have algae blooming all over your pool! 

All forms of algae will first begin to show up in areas of the pool that show sluggish circulation. Green algae are the most common type and can be free-floating or attached to the various pool surfaces. To eradicate it you need to scrub, shock your pool, and then add algaecide. Yellow algae prefer shady spots of your pool. It can be a stubborn type to eradicate.  Black algae are really hardy and you have to find ways to attack its roots in order to completely destroy it. Pink algae is not that great a menace as it is relatively slow growing and can be eliminated quite easily compared to the other types.

To successfully treat algae infestations, you have to first scrub all the spots you can see so that the debris floats in water. Now, added chemicals can act on these more effectively and your pool filters can begin to remove these from circulation. Regular checks and pool maintenance alone can keep your free of algae blooms.

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