Pool Parties: Pool Side Paradise

by Pool Builders on 11-06-2006 in Articles

Whether you schedule an after hour party, and rent out the local pool, or have your own backyard pool party, with a little planning and a little help, everyone is sure to have a great time! Just have plenty of snacks, drinks, "dry" games, and sun screen, and pool parties are fun for everyone!

Pool Party Invitations

One thing you have to be conscious of at every moment during your pool party, is safety. Enlist the aid of adult lifeguards, or hire a lifeguard or two from the local pool, and set everyone's mind at ease. When sending the invitations, attach them to a roll of lifesavers, and ask that parents RSVP with their child's swimming ability. It will help you to know which children cannot swim, which children need extra help, and how many life guards you will need. If you provide cute, inexpensive swim toys, easily personalized with paint pens (so everyone knows which swim toy is his or hers) for each child, they will play with them, and the children who do not know how to swim, will not be uncomfortable needing them.

Pool Party Entertainment

The very best thing about a pool party is that the entertainment is built in. Beach balls, swim toys, games of Marco Polo, and pool volleyball are so much fun. Just be certain to have a "quiet area" in the shade for tired swimmers to take a break. It can be something as simple as a large piece of white plastic (or several of them, depending on the size of your party) held in place with tent stakes. Plenty of towels, game and puzzle books, coloring sheets, washable markers, tether ball, or hop scotch painted on a piece of the plastic. Just provide a place out of the sun, in case a child needs a time out to rest or get away from the sun.

Serve simple finger sandwiches, chips, goldfish crackers, and animal crackers (you can easily make cookies and cut them into easy fish shapes too) plenty of fruit punch, bottled water, or soda.

Sea Water Punch

Blue Raspberry Wave soft drink mix (prepare according to package directions)

Ice cubes made of sweetened pineapple and orange juice

Ginger Ale

Vanilla Ice Cream

Serve in clear plastic glasses, or purchase the glasses with straws built in, so the guests can keep them, and their swim toy, as party favors.

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