Pool Parties are Fun in the Summer for Kids and Adults

by Pool Builders on 04-29-2007 in Articles

Whether or not you're a great swimmer, chances are you'll find yourself at a pool party this summer. If you are lucky enough to be throwing the party think of playing these games at your next pool party.

Pool Party Craps
This game needs some advance planning, but is certain to keep your guests in and out of the water laughing. Find a large pair of plastic dice - warning, they will get wet! Write out a task for each number combination that the roller must perform upon rolling. For example if the player rolls a 1 and 5 they must perform a cannonball off the diving board. For a 6 and 3 the player must do a handstand in the shallow end. Make up a special move for snakeyes or doubles to add extra excitement. This game can go on and on as long as the players are having a great time.

This is the pool version of the basketball game HORSE. Everyone who wants to play should line up at the diving board; those who do not wish to play are considered to be the judges panel. The first diver gets to pick the jump or dive that all must perform from the diving board. It could be any move from a cannonball to taking the NESTLE Plunge. If the diver cannot do the selected move or chooses not to they receive a letter. The last player to not spell SWIM wins the game!

To ensure safety with these games make sure all players know how to swim and that they do not involve running around the pool. Enjoy being out in the sunshine and make the day brighter by playing SWIM and Pool Party Craps!

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