Pool Party Planning and Ideas for a Summertime Splash

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2006 in Articles

A pool party can be a great way to relax and cool off in the summertime, especially during those months of July and August often known as the dog days of summer.

In planning a pool party be sure to tell your guests that you intend to make use of the pool. That way they will know to bring their swimming trucks and swimsuits and won't be left standing around on dry land. You can set up an area in your home specifically for those looking to chang into or out of their swim clothes. If you happen to have a laundry room or mud room that can be accessed directly by those coming into the house all the better. Place anything you think would be helpful in the room, including towels, sunscreen, lotions and of course a little soap if there is a sink. Guests will certainly appreciate the efforts you went to in order to make their visit a pleasant one. If you like you can make up a sign to put on the door that says 'Changing Room' or something similar.

Be sure to put a lot of inflatables into the pool for guests to play with or use when they arrive. Little kids who have trouble swimming will appreciate it if you happen to have floaters for their arms to help them literally stay afloat.

A BBQ will make an excellent complement to the pool party. Its outside, the pool is outside and the smells of cooking food will tantalize your guests for hours ensuring that they are good and hungry when the time comes to sit down and eat. If you do have a BBQ at your party, ask around beforehand to see what foods your guests like. You may find that you've actually invited a couple of vegetarians who would greatly appreciate it if you grilled up a few veggies like eggplant or portabella mushroom.

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