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Tips on Renting a Public Swimming Pool for a Party

People, especially kids love a pool party. They love swimming during the summer months in order to keep their bodies cool and to have the time of their lives. You can host private parties or rent public pools for groups anytime you want. You can also offer a great party that the guests will surely remember. Below are some steps when renting a public swimming pool for the perfect kiddie party.

Consider the odds of renting an indoor swimming pool regardless of the season to ensure that the party will not be cancelled due to abrupt weather conditions. Outdoor pools have strict rules when it comes to weather issues such as lighting and rain and the public pool managers will cancel any pool party if necessary. To avoid this scenario, check for outdoor swimming pool policies as well as their return of deposit policies in case bad weather conditions.

Check out the number of guests the chosen public swimming pool can accommodate. These venues usually have a maximum of guest capacity depending on the pool and the size of the party area.

Verify the number and the availability of lifeguards. Then, check the usage of locker rooms before paying the deposit. Most public swimming pool rentals include a certain number of lifeguards purely based on the number of visitors or guests.

Public pool rentals will provide for additional lifeguards if the guests are large in size so as to accommodate the party needs of the host and the guests. Additional lifeguards may cost for an additional payment fee. It is also important to be clear on the pool features and offers before paying for the deposit.

As the host of the party, expect to pay an additional 2 to 4 hours hourly rate other than the rental fee for there will always be extensions on every party. In addition, you may want to inquire or ask for discounts if the rental of the pool exceeds on the decided amount of time. Most public pools offer discounts during non-peak hours and off seasons.

Ask the management of possible extra charges if you will put up refreshment stands. You can also ask if it is permitted to bring your own drinks and food if the place provides an available area for eating and picnics. Some swimming pool areas offer refreshment and food stands as well as cottages for an extra charge. It is important to check the policies regarding the food and drinks before paying the reservation fee.

Comply with all the posted rules set for public pool areas. Make sure the guests are also briefed about it to avoid any hassles and troubles with the lifeguards and on site authorities. This will also ensure the safety of all the guests and make sure that all is safe and having a relaxing and enjoyable time at your party.

Warnings and Tips When Deciding for the Perfect Meal for a Pool Party

Hire a professional caterer that will handle all things necessary about food. It relieves you the trouble of having to do all the cooking. Most catering companies provide packaged deals already that include servers/waiters, utensils, and food heaters.

Prepare for dishes that can be made beforehand. If you don't want to spend the entire party just cooking on a grill or stove, then heed this advice, it so much easier if you use food heaters just to warm up the food.

Take note of guests who may have an allergy for a specific type of food.

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