Pool Party in the Summer for the Whole Family

by Pool Builders on 04-08-2007 in Articles

With summers getting warmer each year and global warming suspected to steadily make matters worse, you may find a pool party as an increasingly more attractive idea. Think about it even if you did have a party indoors the air conditioning bills would soar and what if the A/C breaks outright? That water would start to look more and more appealing. So why not throw a pool party with your friends since every one will be hanging out by the pool anyways? Just remember to bring lots of sun block.

A pool party themed will most obviously require access to a pool. There are many different pools in the world to use and you really should consider which one would be most convenient. If you have a pool yourself make sure it can handle a surplus of rowdy partiers, otherwise look into using a different pool, or maybe barrowing a neighbor's and using two pools. Otherwise if you don't have any friends with pools you should use a public pool, but make sure too call ahead they may have special restrictions in place. Also, make sure to have a lifeguard, or at the very least some people who can swim should take turns on the lookout.

Picking up a few flotation devices, sunscreen, lawn chairs, and various inflatables that you can throw in the pool is a great way to spice things up. Any outdoors items would be good such as even lawn chairs, or a barbeque grill for the food. Paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils are all but necessary as normal silver ware and china simply doesn't do well outside or when traveling if need be. Don't forget the most important things of all, swimsuits, and towels to dry off. A heater or two would be nice if you're out late and it gets cold.

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