Pool Planning Season Begins at the End of Summer

by Pool Builders on 10-30-2013 in Articles

Looking outside, it may not appear to be a great time to go for a swim in your pool - that is if you don't have an enclosure.

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), the end of summer is definitely the best season to begin your pool planning for next year so when the heat arrives in May you can be "cool in the pool."

"If this year's near-record-setting heat has consumers thinking about a new backyard oasis, now is Pool Planning Season," said Bill Weber, President and CEO of one of the world's largest and oldest organization for pools, in a statement. "Now is the time to get started and beat the heat next year with an affordable, energy-efficient, and sustainable environment for connecting with family and friends. And APSP members are the best resource to help consumers achieve their dreams."

At this time of the year, homeowners might consider whether they want to install a pool, a pond or a hot tub. For homeowners with pools, they might think about implementing or repairing pool screen room enclosures or to do some general exterior work around the pooling area.

For those interested in constructing a pool enclosure in order to swim all year long, there are a wide variety of models to choose from that meets all budgets. Some of these designs include hard top safety covers, sun room telescopic models, inflatable enclosures and sky domes - the average pool enclosure can start from around $10,000.

Maintaining a pool enclosure is one of the most invigorating home improvement projects a household may ever do because it gives the residents the power to swim in their pool 12 months a year. Craig Schloer, a suburban Philadelphia homeowner, loves to swim in autumn because of the falling leaves.

"The beauty is, people are out there vacuuming their pools. I clean mine maybe twice a year," said Schloer, who paid $35,000 for his enclosure, in an interview with Pool & Spa Outdoor. "I don't have to winterize. Technically, I can use it 12 months with enough propane to keep it heated."

It is argued that pool enclosures can add value to the home. However, the pool enclosure must follow three simple factors in order to raise value and potentially make back the construction costs of the enclosure: permanency, be attached to the home and remain heated.

Whatever a home may want to do with their pool, now is certainly the most opportune time to do so. Many contractors might run special promotions, especially in the northeast, the weather is perfect as it isn't too hot or cold and it could be affordable considering that everything has returned to normal in the workplace.

Before making any drastic decisions, it is recommended that the household asks itself what they want out of a pool:

"Small or lavish, modest or flamboyant, your pool is an extension of the most popular living areas of your home. Think not just about the pool itself, but an environment that will meet your needs, suit your lifestyle, and count most when you're slipping into the water," APSP stated in a news release.

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