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by Pool Builders on 03-23-2010 in Articles

Many people own an outdoor swimming pool; some even own an indoor pool. Many of them are above ground, but many of them are also in ground. They are certainly nice to have, especially in the hot, humid weather which occurs in many parts of our country.

With a pool, our first concern should be that of safety, especially if we have children in the home or vicinity. We do not want to see them get injured or worse. So it is in their and our best interests to take every precaution to keep them safe from harm.

Children, by nature, are curious. They want to investigate. They also tend to misjudge their abilities and often do not know the danger involved in being in a pool unattended. The Pool Protector is the very thing that is needed to protect young children from harm in the pool area. With the Pool Protector activated its electronic system automatically sounds an alarm if someone like a child or small animal were to fall into the pool. The remote receiver in your home will also sound. The Pool Protector is simple to install and activate. If someone who does not know how to use it attempts to deactivate it, an alarm will also sound. The Pool Protector uses one nine volt battery to run for approximately one year.

The Pool Protector will probably be the least expensive item you will have spent on your pool. It will be the item you rely on to keep your little ones safe. Its cost is comparatively inexpensive to what it will do for you. Isn't it worth it to keep your loved ones from harm? It only takes a second for us to get distracted. The Pool Protector is our constant eyes and ears when we are not paying full attention and get that momentary distraction.

I am sure you have read some of the tragic stories in the newspaper about infants or young children falling into pools when no one was in the immediate vicinity. We all know the sad consequences of this. Recent reports show that more than 900 children between the ages of one and fourteen die each year in drowning accidents. I am sure you do not need this datum to show you how important a child's life is. The Pool Protector will help prevent these tragic stories from happening again.

Invest some time checking out the Pool Protector. You will not be sorry. It is a lifesaver.

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