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by Pool Builders on 06-16-2010 in Articles

I am a grandmother of two and that is what I think of parenting. If you can spend money or time on an indulgence, then you have an extra dollar and minute to spare for your kids.

After my eldest had his first baby 4 years ago, he bought the Pool Protector. This made me proud. He almost drowned in the pool at his school once, so failing to buy one in his own home would have horrified me.

Most parents remember to child-proof the kitchen or a medicine cabinet but not the swimming pool area. A pool alarm for your children's safety is invaluable because every moment the pool area is left unattended is a dangerous moment for them.

The Pool Protector my son bought makes an alarming vibrating sound any time anyone dives into the pool. Having a pool alarm for your children's safety that also works for pets and adults has got to be worth buying.

I do my best to watch Carly but I am also aware that children tend to wander off. With the Pool Protector, we can hear the loud alarm coming from the device itself and from a remote speaker inside the house.

A pool alarm for your children's safety should be instinctive. If a child fell off the pool undetected, then you can assume no one is at the pool area to hear the alarm either.

I am about to leave Carly for a while. My daughter who recently gave birth needs me. I feel better knowing Carly has the kind of parents that would get the Pool Protector. Rhobin A Kohllins had all the information I needed on this pool alarm.

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