Pool Pump: Keeping Your Swimming Pool in Top Form

by Pool Builders on 03-09-2011 in Articles

Your pool pump is also a part of your pool heating system. There are several components involved in order for your pool heating system to work properly and help you get the most from your swimming pool fun as well as your investment.

Solar collectors, diverter valve, differential controller and the piping are several components of a swimming pools' solar heating system. Your existing pool pump along with the filter and check valve are part of the system. They work together and efficiently heat your pool water. The water is heated once it's pumped through a solar collector. It is a black absorber plate that works to convert the sun's energy into heat. The black plate is equipped with parallel tubes, called risers that are connected to the ends of the inlet and outlet pipes.

Your swimming pool is one of your pricey possessions that is why it is but smart to keep it clean, clear, and hygienic and inviting at all times. So, if you encounter some problems with maintenance and upkeep, they are definitely a result of your carelessness and negligence. Inadequate attention will cause you bigger problems if not taken cared of at once.

Inadequately maintained swimming pool is evident when the water turns green and emits a stinky odor. Polluted water is definitely unhygienic for swimming as it can cause a number of infections and other types of diseases. Most common problems of improperly maintained pools are cloudy pool water, formation of algae and staining of the pool walls and floor. A person will definitely feel itchy, burning eyes and will notice the smell of chlorine once in the water. The absence of proper and regular water testing and the maintenance of correct chemical balance and acidity of your pool water will be dangerous for you and your family.

Keeping your swimming pool in top form by regularly checking, testing as well as correcting water chemistry is of utmost importance. You also need to routinely check your pump and filter to ensure that they are still working well. See to it that the pollutants and other debris that have settled to the bottom of the pool as well as those stuck to the walls are removed by regular vacuuming and brushing. It is also advisable to perform backwashing of your pool filter in order to have a swimming pool that's problem free.

You can purchase a swimming pool calculator that's helpful for checking, correcting and adjusting the water chemistry of your pool. Doing this regularly will allow you to maintain and keep your pool water clean, inviting and sparkling at all times. Keeping your pool properly maintained will benefit you and your family as well as prevent you from needing a chlorine shock treatment which is very expensive.

Thus, proper swimming pool maintenance involves checking all the equipments installed in order to save money. Ensure that your pool pump and filter are in top condition so you and your family can have healthy pool water for your swimming fun.

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