Pool Pump Motors – The Integral Part for Any Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-01-2012 in Articles

Pool pumps are an important part of swimming pool as it averts infections, diseases and offers healthy = environment for swimmers. The pool motors helps in maintaining constant motion of water. The swimming pools water stagnation is prevented by the circulation of water and thereby keeps the bacteria and germs away.

AO smith motors are produced by A.O. Smith Corporation, the leading manufacturers of spa pumps, swimming pool pumps and cleaner replacement motors. Pool supplies are many and there is a line of replacement pumps and motors produced by A.O.Smith. They are known for replacement motors and quality OEM for spa equipment manufacturers such as Pentair, Hayward, Waterway, Jandy, Purex and many more.

Replacing your spa, pool and cleaner pump motor implies you must know six things:
€ Pump Mounting
€ Service Factor
€ Horsepower
€ Phase
€ Frequency
€ Voltage

Swimming pool pumps are significant tool for the maintenance of swimming pools. They are remarkable devices working with filters assisting in maintaining the swimming pools cleanliness. These pumps are available in varied sizes and capabilities. They are designed to suit in-ground pools, while some for above ground. Regardless of the pool and its placement, the right pump is sure to ease your pool environment.

Pool pumps take water and send it through filter to catch dirt and debris to the best. It then pumps and cleanses the water to the swimming pool. These come in varying speeds and power levels depending on the specific function and design. Some come with single, while other with dual speed. The single pumps are common pumps and operate at continuous speed. These are appropriate for pools having maximum use. The pools that are not used much can go for dual speed pumps. Less traffic days implies slowing down the pool pump speed and switching to speed of filtering.

AO smith pool pump motors are in different sizes and also come with high capacity motor and thermal overload protector. Various pump motors are available and are a great part for any pool as they circulate water and ensure all the chemicals added in the water effectively kill germs and maintain hygiene. AO smith produces one of the best motors for swimming pools.

Knowing these facts is essential as it helps in appreciating the pump motors significance and also buying knowledge. However, see that your decision is taken ensuring the hygiene of the pool and its quality so that the pool looks inviting and is always functional.

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