Pool Pump Motors- What Are They?  

by Pool Builders on 04-29-2012 in Articles

If you want clean your inground swimming pool with a vacuum then you all know too well that having a pool cleaner is important. But without pool pump motors to pull out the water into your pool cleaner the pool vacuum itself is rendered useless. It will not only function but it will need to induce a lot of suction force to pull debris like leaves, dirt and twigs from the bottom of the pool.
If the motor swimming pool pump happen to break or is no longer working correctly like it used to, then you will surely need to replace it. The only thing that you should worry about is finding out which kind of swimming pool pump motor you will be buying. You will observe that swimming pool motor pumps vary in terms of the pricing. Some pumps are cheap while others can cost you a lot of money.
While many are trusting top brand names, it does not necessarily mean that you jump on the bandwagon as well. But if there is a high quality brand of pool motor pump that you are dying for, be prepare to make some sacrifices. In most cases, the pricey ones are purchasing than the cheaper alternatives that you see in the pool market these days.
If you want to get yourself a good bargain you can plenty of motor pumps over the internet if your local hardware store does not have any available. But having a low priced swimming pool pump motor does not always entail a high performance guarantee. There are instances where the results are more negative than what you might have expected.
This pump motor that you end up purchasing may not be as powerful as that of the other models. If you want to get more features for your pool pump motor, take note that you will end up shelling more just to get them. After you properly install your swimming pool pump motor successfully, it would surely last you for the next few years.
The 56J Frame 115/230 Volts swimming pool pump motors [http://automatic-poolcleaners.net/pool-pump-motors-high-performance-choices/] by AO Smith Electric Motor are each valued at $170. They are usually found on inground swimming pools. Their features consist of:
• 115/230 volts 7.5/15 amps 60hz.
• Automatic Overload Protection - Service Factor 1.0
• Non-Reversible - CCW Rotation facing the shaft
• C-Face Mount, Round Body-no base
• 5/8" diameter threaded shaft
The Emerson EUST1102 5-5/8 Diameter swimming pool pump motors are each valued at $185.Their features include:
• A 1081 design, sealed ball bearings, auto thermal overload
• 303 stainless steel shafts, a capacitor start
• A 50 degree C ambient,
• An open drip-proof, triple bearing protection for continuous performance
• Class B Insulated 1 HP 3450
• An RPM 115/230 Volts 1.0 Service Factor 13.6/6.8 Amps
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