Pool Pump: The Heart of Swimming Pools Circulation System  

by Pool Builders on 01-19-2012 in Articles

Are you keen to spend your time at your backyard swimming pool, it is always yours, what are you waiting for, dive and relax. But of course, see that it has clean water, free from dirt and debris. A pool that looks or is unclean is not worth a swim, so ensure this with Eco Star Pump.

Pool pumps are the heart of the circulation system of the pools and are also the main component causing water to move freely. Eco Star Pump is the most efficient pump that ensures saving 90% on your energy bill costs in using a single-speed pump. This matches the pump to flow at a full power of 100% and is suitable for new construction, besides the aftermarket. The SVRS model of Eco Star Pump features integrated safety vacuum release preventing the suction entrapment, wiring or plumbing without additional devices. It meets and in fact exceeds the required standards of safety for the pool and its local requirements.

Excellent features
€ Includes wall-mount kit digital control interface
€ Rotates in 4 positions and can be repositioned or removed. It also facilitates wall mounting for easy access.
€ Silent by design and there is no rib-basket design ensuring removal of debris easily.
€ Industry specific designs making it super efficient and saving up to $1500 every year on energy costs.
€ One year warranty and the service mode facilitate cleaning pools quicker.
€ Timer functions and 8 custom speed allow the Eco Star Pump to flow all through the day.
€ Eco star Pumps offer rebate from power utility and 50 psi pressure testable.
€ Extends the period between cleanings with its capacity of extra leaf-holding feature
€ The union connections CPVC offer easy service and installation.
€ The owner's manual.

ECO Star Pumps save significant money and time, thereby averting time to buying additional accessories and equipment. These pool pumps will increase the performance and energy efficiency of your commercial pool. However, knowing that your pool needs replacement indicates that you examine the pool pumps. It is best to go with trusted name such as Eco Star for its proven track record. It ensures longer lifespan and minimal repair cost. So, determine the pool type and its requirement to find the one that meets your demands. The pump functions smoothly and filters collecting unwanted in the aim of maintaining the water clean. This is necessary so that the pool looks inviting and ascertains long hours of swim.

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