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by Pool Builders on 05-18-2007 in Articles

Pool pumps are necessity in anyone's pool. Do you enjoy swimming in a swamp? Ever tried? Then turn off your pool pumps! They prevent illness and disease and provide a cleaner environment for all to enjoy. Investing in a swimming pool pump would mean that you didn't have to.

Without swimming pool pumps nasty germs and bacteria settle in your pool and quickly multiply to the point that contact with the water may give you a rash or sickness bug. Taken to its extremes, most major diseases can be borne on water. Then there is the smell, and no doubt you have previously experienced the odour of stagnant water firsthand. Would you really like that odour hanging over your home and garden?

Swimming pool pumps are an integral part of any pool and serve to provide a vital service. Pool pumps circulate the water so that it remains in constant motion; this may not sound like a particularly groundbreaking benefit, but if you don't circulate the water it quickly becomes stagnant and attracts germs and bacteria.

Swimming pool pumps also serve to ensure that all of the chemicals added to the water to kill germs and keep it sanitary are circulated throughout the pool. It is difficult to spread the chemicals evenly throughout the water, but not so hard if you have an automated machine pumps for you.

The market today offers a vast range of pool pumps available for purchase. They vary greatly in the detail of their functionality and power, but most will do the job effectively. Clearly much is dependent on the dimensions of the pool and the amount of work in pumping, circulating and filtering required - more water = more work. There are some pumps that are only designed to sustain smaller pools and would hardly touch the larger ones. However, no swimming pool pumps are as expensive as you may expect them to be.

Swimming pool pumps are available from all good DIY and hardware shops as well as specialist pool stores. You can also request for someone to come and install your pump if you feel that it is necessary, although they can easily be installed by anyone. Pool pumps are also widely available from many reputable companies that trade on the world wide web.

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