Pool Pumps For Above Ground Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 07-05-2011 in Articles

These pumps are specially designed water filtration pumps for above ground swimming pools. As compare to in-ground or constructed swimming pool pumps these above ground swimming pool filters or pumps are easier to install and they can be placed on ground next to the pool. Over the short time of a few years above ground pools have gained so much popularity among swimming pool lovers. A few key reasons of that are; they are cost effective, easy to install, can be placed anywhere in your house without digging land and most importantly have comfortable and cheap maintenance thanks to low cost and handy pool supplies.

Filters and pumps are very important supplies for any kind of pool, because they work together to keep your pool clean and hygienic. Different pool pumps are available in the market according to their sizes and pumping capabilities. Appropriate size and strength of pump is vital for your pool, as the circulation of water in the pool for maintaining constant flow is totally depend on it. Filtration pumps keep debris and other bacteria or germs away from the pool, so that there is no risk of any waterborne disease. Pump is considered as the heart of the pool without it the pool will be stagnant and dirty. Another important function of pumps is they circulate water purification chemicals throughout the pool water to make it completely hygienic and clear.

If we compare in-ground or conventional pool filtration pumps with above ground pool pumps they are different because they usually available as a single unit i.e. water filter and pump and they also share same base for installation. The installation of the pumps is also different as they are made for pool that are placed above ground, therefore, the filters and pumps of above ground pools are also placed beside the pool and below the water line. This position is important so that pumps can easily force water upwards and circulate in and out without any difficulty. While having low cost, usually, pumps for above ground pools contains a high capacity electric motor, a thermal protector for overload and large size basket to collect debris. The interesting thing the maintenance cost is surprisingly low

Size of pool pump and filter unit depends upon the size of the above ground swimming pool and the power of motor for pump is determined according to the amount of water in the pool that is needed to circulate. If the pump clears total water of the pool within eight hours, this means that the pump and filtration unit is right for the size of pool. The capacity or strength of the motor is also very important because if you use lower horsepower motor it would reduce return pressure eventually only fewer gallons can be filters in a minute. Moreover, this low pressure will also reduce the efficiency of your pool's water filtration system as well. On the other hand if you use high horsepower motor in your pump-filter unit it will channel the sand and with force of water these channels will allow the debris to come back into the pool from filter, hence, the appropriate horsepower motor is required for pumping water into the pool.

Previously the speed of these above ground pool pumps used to be prefixed, but now the manufactures have launch different new models with low, moderate and high speed pumping and filtration capacities, so that you could choose the appropriate filtration speed in different pool conditions. Low speed is good in condition where the pool is clear and purified and just need some continuous freshness while swimming. Moderate speed is required when routine filtration is needed. High speed is usually used for blowing the pool or other inflatable pool accessories; high speed is also good when you need quick filtration in the pool.

Above ground swimming pools are beautiful addition to your house, having one you can make your leisure entertaining and with the comfort for your home. Pool care is also essential for clean and healthy swimming, so quality pump and filter unit will help you to achieve it. Fresh and clean water in your pool is one thing that enhances attraction of your home.

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