Pool Pumps and Filters Explained  

by Pool Builders on 04-18-2008 in Articles

Possibly the most important component of your pool equipment that you will have to purchase is your pool filter system. This is because without it, your swimming pools water would quickly become too dirty to swim in.

The second most important component of your pools system would be the pump that actually powers the filter. There are several sizes and variations of pool filters and filtration systems and which one you finally decide on will be determined by a number of important factors.

The size and amount of use of your pool are two of these factors. Other items that you may consider, are where your pool is located. For instance, if your pool is located in a rural setting surrounded by fields it may need more filtration then a similar pool in a city that isn't going to have organic debris blown into it.

There are three basic types of pool filters and they are "earth filters", "sand filters" and cartridge filters. For a smaller pool or a jacuzzi a cartridge filter might be best for a few reasons. First, they are more convenient and don't require to be backwashed. Secondly, they are also less expensive to purchase.

Earth filters get their name from the fact that the use diatomatious earth to filter the water. Diatomatious earth looks just like fine powdered chalk. Sand filters function the same way but they can't remove as fine of particles that an earth filter can. However, sand filters can handle greater amounts of water in a shorter amount of time.

The size of the pool pump that you use for your system will be determined by the size of the pool and the complexity of your overall system. For instance, if you have a solar pool heater system you will need a larger capacity pump to push the water through it. In the end it is always best to consult an expert before you make your final decision on a pump and filter for your pool.

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