Pool Pumps and Filters - Gaining a Better Understanding of Them  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2009 in Articles

Of course, if you have or are planing on having a swimming pool installed at your home, there is just no getting around the fact that you will have to have a a good functioning pool pump and filter. Also, getting the right pool pump and filter for your pool is imperative if you plan on having a clean pool at all times.

The Pool Pump and Filter System Powers Everything

Your pool pump will power everything in your pool, including the automatic pool cleaner if it is a suction side or supply side model. Also, if you have any type of non passive solar water heating system your pump will also push the water through that.

Take the Water Pressure Test

Take a small piece of hose, fill it with water and blow the water through it. Next, go outside and blow on a full garden hose full of water. What you will notice is that it was much more difficult to blow the water pout of the full garden hose.

Get the Right Sized Pump

Water is quite heavy and it will also create some drag or resistance in a pipe. What this all means is that if you are planning on making a non passive solar water heater part of your pools pump system, you will have to take this into account when selecting what size of pool pump you are going to use.

Consider a Complete Pool Kit

For a standard situation though, you can simply purchase any one of the many pool pump and filter systems that come as one unit. Still an even easier option is to look into purchasing a complete pool kit if it is a prefabricated pool you are in the market for.

Read Up On Pool Pumps and Filters

There are basically three different types of pool filters. Those are sand filled, screen filters and DE or diatomatious earth filled pool filters. Each type offers its own unique benefits and detractions, so you would be well advised to read up on pool filters before you make your final selection.

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