Pool Remodeling And Repairs Can Increase Your Home's Value  

by Pool Builders on 09-14-2011 in Articles

Even if you're not thinking of selling now, it's helpful to know that pool remodeling and repairs can increase your property value. If a house has an existing older pool, it may be in bad shape or simply outdated. What that will say to future buyers is that your home has a yard full of work in it rather than them seeing the recreational value. If you have a modern, tastefully remodeled oasis out there, they will remember the house with the gorgeous yard and swimming potential. While you're still living there, you can add enjoyment factors as well as a place to exercise right in your very own back yard. Here are some things to think about:

Property value: Before doing any sort of house or property remodeling, it's wise to figure out whether the remodel will increase your real estate value and for approximately how much. These days, anything you can do to up your property's value is a plus. Check with local realtors for this information or scan the real estate listings to see how much the upgrades typically bring in.

Financing: You'll also have to think about how you will pay for your remodeling. Some options are cash, home equity loan or financing through a bank. Deciding upon a dollar amount that you feel comfortable with is crucial so that you can let contractors know your budget limits.

Features available: What would you like to add to your setting? This will depend on the existing landscaping and existing pool's features. If it's an old rectangle with cement around it and a backyard full of grass, you could definitely jazz it up with cool decking surrounding the rectangle, a water feature or two and some faux rocks to soften the hard geometric lines. If anything is broken with the pump, motor, vacuum and filtering systems, they will need to be repaired. If they are simply outdated and not very efficient, you'll want to consider upgrading them.

Some other cool ideas for transforming this into a recreational delight include adding a sound system, fencing, plants and shrubbery to give it a feeling of lushness as well as some lighting for night swimming. If you have young children or grandchildren that visit, adding an alarm system to keep everyone safe is an idea. How about a spa or hot tub attached? Soaking in swirling jets of water can be just the stress reliever you've been looking for.

Higher quality of life: After a renovation, not only will your home be worth more, but you'll have increased your quality of life. You can have more parties and BBQs in your yard, your kids and grandkids can have hours of splashing around entertainment and you can get more exercise by doing a few laps.

By having pool remodeling and repairs done on your existing setup, your backyard can be transformed from ho hum to a marketable oasis. When you decide to sell, the buyers will be impressed. While you're still there, you will have increased your quality of life.

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