Pool Remodeling and Repairs Cut with Maintenance  

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2011 in Articles

Preventative maintenance is the answer to unnecessary pool remodeling and repairs. While some remodel jobs are done because a new look is desired, others are "must do" jobs that have arisen due to not maintaining the structure and systems. Remember the old adage: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair." Taking good care of this asset in your home is a wise move. Typical chores which must be done include servicing equipment, cleaning, making certain that the chemicals are properly balanced and a few additional tasks done by season. Here are some things to think about:

- Equipment: A swimming pool requires equipment for proper operation of water cleaning and circulation devices. The common pieces of equipment include a pump, filter, skimmer basket and occasionally a heater. The pump has a motor which must be maintained in order to keep it functional. Filters come in a variety of styles, including sand, DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and cartridges. These devices sift out the debris which naturally falls into the water from nearby trees, plants or is blown in by the wind. Skimmer baskets are also designed to skim off the items so that the water is kept clean, pure and the gunk doesn't clog up the systems. A heater is kind of a luxurious item not seen in many pools, but it can be wonderful in cooler climates.

- Chemicals: Chemical additives must be used on a regular basis in order to keep algae and bacteria from growing. This can be a tricky process which requires know-how and testing kits. It's kind of like an on-going science experiment occurring daily in the backyard. Once a homeowner gets it down, it's no problem. For the person who flunked chemistry in school, a service technician should be employed.

- Cleaning: Must be done on a regular basis or the water can turn green and the equipment jammed up with crud. If homeowners are too busy, it is wise to have a professional service specializing in pool remodeling and repairs tend to this chore. Skimming and vacuuming can be placed on "automatic" in order to have ongoing cleansing. Periodic emptying or backwashing is helpful as well.

- Tasks by season: If a home is located in a region where there is a freezing winter, it will be necessary to close down the swimming pool in fall or before the inclement weather arrives. Draining partially and applying a cover are steps to take to keep it safe and sound. Adding anti-freeze so that the H2O in the pipes doesn't freeze is a wise move. To reopen the backyard water hole for the next swim season, it will be necessary to add fresh water, drain any anti-freeze and store the cover.

With proper maintenance, everything will last a lot longer and remain trouble free. Making sure to service equipment, keep chemicals properly balanced, the H2O sparkling clear and seasonal tasks accomplished will go a long way in curtailing unnecessary pool remodeling and repairs. When a homeowner remodels, they want to do it to add enhancements such as fountains or water features, not because something is broken.

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