Pool Renovation Fresno and Swim Spa Building Ideas  

by Pool Builders on 08-29-2013 in Articles

Swim spas feature jet systems designed to deliver a constant, if adjustable, current from one end, providing enough resistance to EURoehold" a swimmer in place as one swims against the current. Initially, pool renovation Fresno suppliers provided accessory swim jet packs that attached to one end of a small in-ground pool or large or elongated spa to deliver the proper resistance: more recently, portable spa manufacturers have come out with their own swim spa models that measure about 15 ft. long, 8 ft. wide, (to the outside edges), and 4 ft. deep, with integral swim jets. ThatEUR(TM)s certainly more space efficient than a non-jet- ted lap pool, which for a true lap-swimming experience requires dimensions of at least 75 meters long, 10 ft. wide, and a depth that enables flip-turns at each end.

As larger vessels, portable swim spas offer water capacity thatEUR(TM)s perhaps four times a standard portable spa, and are quite a bit heavierEUR" perhaps a ton or more without water (or EURoedry weight") and more than 10 times that when full', as such, they require more thoughtful planning regarding their placement and structural support on a wood-framed deck or concrete slab. Though focused on providing a cardiovascular workout or resistance training benefit for competition and recreational swimmers alike, the latest portable swim spas also incorporate more traditional relaxation and hydrotherapy features, among other amenities in their molds. The foot of the spa for instance, might include one or more contoured seats and strategically placed jets for a hydro-therapeutic massage after a workout in the swim end of the spa (which can also be used for other water-aerobic activities, like jogging), or other seating and jets throughout the mold to provide a more relaxing soak. Some provide accessories and attachments that enable other resistance training, like rowing, from within the spa.

Portable Swim spas
Portable swim spas are shipped with self-contained equipment, requiring only an electrical connection. For exercise purposes, the spa water can be kept cooler (about 78 degrees I7.), then heated for less-strenuous activities. As with most modern spas, the jet system is completely adjustable in terms of strength and numbers to suit your tastes and needs. Otherwise, swim spas require the same care and maintenance as a standard portable or in-ground spa; if used regularly for exercise, they might require more attention to their chemical balance and water quality, or perhaps more draining and refilling to keep the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) in check. Hiring the pool renovation Fresno contractors or pool contractors will help in building the pool, spa and provide repair and maintenance service.

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