Pool Replastering: Understanding The Process  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2014 in Articles

Swimming pools are a place to relax and enjoy the cool waters, even within your home. They are more often than not used to alleviate the heat of the sun, particularly during summer.
To any pool owner, the aesthetic design of the pool is very important, particularly its finish. There is a great need to assess which of the different types of swimming pool finishes for pool interiors to choose from. Remember that it will not only affect your pool's aesthetic appearance, but also the condition that it will last for as much as years as it can do. This is important since they are times when the pool finish will be exposed to chemical changes under the water.
Plaster finish is available in a variety of different pool plaster colors. The most common colors are white, green and blue. The color of the plaster used can have a huge impact on what color the water in your pool appears to be. Standard white plaster is a reliable product when installed by a quality contractor and properly maintained.
On Pool Replastering
Replastering pools is a painstaking process. Every step should be carefully done with no room for mistakes, lest the owners want to risk more collateral damage to the pool.
To better understand this process, here is the step-by-step explanation for pool replastering:.
1. Drain the pool and sandblast it: This step will help protect the bottom of the pool against water pressure and will eliminate the areas where the plaster is weak in the pool. Doing this will also eradicate all forms of stains or marks in the pool's surface.
2. Remove any tiles: Take the necessary precautions to make sure the tile is stored in a safe and secure place until it is replaced.
3. Apply coating for proper adhesion: After sandblasting, apply a bond coating to cover proper adhesion for the new plaster surface.
4. Set up the tiles: Set the tiles to the pool perimeter and trim all applicable areas such as step, swimouts and features.
5. Apply the plaster: Pool Repair Experts' professional technicians will apply the plaster to the pools interior by blowing it onto the interior surface of the pool, then touching up all necessary area, such as the steps or areas near the tile, by hand.
Each of these steps is very important and only highly trained professionals should deal with these matters, especially since they have to utilize specialized tools for the process. Aside from that, they have to execute delicate operations here as they are going to use materials that are distinctly for pool replastering.
Whenever you need to change or have a pool interior finish, just give the Pool Repair Experts a call and rest assured, we shall make your pool finish enduring through time yet in excellent craftsmanship. We cover some of the relevant information you should remember as you discuss your choices with your designer or pool surface specialist.
We guarantee you that we only use the latest technology and high quality materials for your pool deck repair. Only the best service afforded to our customers, of course.

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