Pool Restorations - Repair Your With Restorations TO Get a New Look For Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 12-17-2013 in Articles

Pool services can clean various types of tile, including coping, pebble tec, flagstone, brick, natural rock and artificial rock. Calcium buildup as well as other deposits on the tile surface can be removed without damaging the tile. Your tile can be restored to its original beauty and look like new again.

Pool Restorations - Professional tile cleaners may use various procedures and/or products to clean pool tile and for proper calcium removal. A safe method starts with draining the pool to about 6 inches below the tile. Then glass beads or soda can be used to clean the tile at low air pressure. The beads settle at the floor of the pool, and a pool vacuum is used to remove them. After this cleaning procedure, your pool will be sparkling clean and ready for swimming.

Look like they're too far gone for cleaning, then pool tile re-glazing might be the answer. This is a process of adding a coat or glaze over the tiles to restore them to like-new condition. It can work for pool tiles that have faded due to sun exposure, acid stained or that have been dulled by years of cleaning. Don't spend thousands of dollars replacing all the tiles. Re-glazing can make your pool look new without replacing a single tile.

Inground Pool Renovations - A professional with years of experience can help you determine what your pool needs and the most cost-effective way to make it like new again. If your pool is in great shape and only needs cleaning, then you might want to set up a regular cleaning schedule to prevent calcium buildup. Just be sure to choose a service that uses glazing solutions that are UV protectant. This ensures that the glaze on tiles above water will not wear off due to sun exposure after a few months.

Bring the backfill material up on the outside of the pool with the water level on the inside of the pool. This keeps relatively equal pressure on the walls of the pool.
Compact the backfill material to insure minimal settlement. Sand backfill requires saturation with water every six to twelve inches of lift. Clean gravel backfill compacts on placement and requires no additional compaction methods.

Pool Restorations - Richard Shaver first began his career at age fifteen as a lifeguard. By age sixteen, he began building pools. About a year later, the company he worked for lost its business. So, at age seventeen, Richard began building pools for himself. Over the years, he has built hundreds of pools in the surrounding area, including, but not limited to, the Eastern Shore, the Bay Bridge area, the beltway area, and many locations throughout Caroline, King George, Rappahannock, Spotsylvania, and Stafford counties.

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