Pool Safety Assured With New Cartridge Filters

by Pool Builders on 12-27-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools need a lot of care taking to keep them functioning. The users have to sanitize ponds with stabilized chlorine that protects it from bacteria. Then an algae-preventive should be added to the water body so as to prevent algae accumulation in the water. The ponds in use also need to be shocked on a regular basis so as to rid the water from contaminants introduced by the bathers. But now with the introduction of the cartridge filters all these pool keeping procedures can be avoided. This new filter serves all purpose as it coagulates dirt particles that are sized in microns and thus all littering elements get deposited on the cartridge surface.

Such filtering equipment can function under normal pump pressure of 8 to 10 lbs. The pump circulates water and the filter removes dirt particles from the water that passes through the cartridge filament. It can thus be vouched that the performance of swimming pools depends a lot on the installation of cartridge type filters. It also becomes evident from the difference seen in pools using old filters and those using the new ones. Ponds with this modern cleaning equipment become impeccable and breath-taking.

It is found that such new filters are manufactured by pool equipment producers like Intex, Starite, Doughboy and others. The cartridge filters are one solution to all the backdated procedures involved in keeping ponds clean and safe. So, now people can lay their trust on this cleaning accessory as it opens the scope to maintain swimming ponds with much ease. There are no hassles of back-washing and refilling DE matter with the cartridge filters. Users just need to clean their cartridges whenever clogging takes place. However, the suspended cartridges can also be replaced with new filtering medium and then the cleaning process can be restarted.

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