Pool Safety Basics

by Pool Builders on 09-25-2011 in Articles

It's important to remember certain safety precautions during your pool-time fun. Make sure your pool is up to code as far as supervision, chemicals, and supplies.

Always supervise children and avoid distractions while doing so. In a pool, it only takes a few seconds for a tragedy to happen, even in shallow water. Kids can develop cramps, get an injury while playing that keeps them below water, grow exhausted, or maybe aren't strong swimmers. There needs to be an adult around at all times to make sure children are playing safely and to be ready in case an accident happens. It is a good idea to know CPR just in case. Children under four should always be swimming with an adult.

Make sure young guests know at least swimming basics. Sometimes even older children pretend to be more experienced than they are. Make sure they understand the basics like holding breath, treading water, and floating. It is better to underestimate their ability than to overestimate.

Monitor the heat of spas and hot tubs. Young children can overheat and even adults, especially if alcohol is involved. Have a thermometer close by and look for symptoms of overheating: dilated pupils, excessive sweating, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, redness, and nausea. If someone becomes overheated, have them lie down and drink lots of water. Dehydration is something else you should be looking out for.

Install pool lights for safe nighttime swimming. It will be easier to monitor swimmers if you can see them.

If young children like to play in your backyard, make sure you have a pool cover so they don't fall in or decide to swim unattended.

Install a pool alarm. The alarm will alert you to any pets or children entering the pool when they aren't supposed to.

Use plenty of sunscreen. Sunburns are not only unpleasant, but can lead to skin damage and disease.

Don't swim in bad weather. Large bodies of water can attract lightning. Even heavy rain can cloud vision and make accidents happen.

Make sure you have all the essential pool and spa supplies: chemicals, filters, etc. A chemical imbalance or dirty pool can make swimmers sick.

Install a pool fence. Along with the cover and alarm, you can keep any unwelcome swimmers out with the right fence.

Give young swimmers flotation devices. You can never be too careful. It is a good idea to always have one handy anyways.

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