Pool Safety Covers - Explained  

by Pool Builders on 08-03-2011 in Articles

Nothing is better than relaxing in a cool, clean swimming pool on a hot summer day. They are great for quality time with friends and family. However, when not in use, swimming pools can be hazardous to loved ones and pets. It is necessary for every owner to obtain a safety cover to protect these precious lives from accidental drowning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10 people die every 24 hours due to accidental drowning. Even when a drowning is not fatal, it still can leave permanent life changing scars, such as brain damage, for the victim. Having a Safety Cover not only protects loved ones, it also keeps the swimming pool clean, which makes its reopening a simple task. Mesh and solid safety covers, are designed with an overlap to prevent wind, small animals, or insects from maneuvering under the cover. Both types of covers are installed with straps attached to stainless steel springs. These springs are connected to recessed brackets in the deck surface. This type of fortification guarantees maximum support making the cover 100% secure. They can be used with a variety of deck anchors for all types of decking materials.

Mesh safety covers are recommended for owners wanting to close their pool for a long duration of time. This safety cover is exalted not only because it requires the minimum amount of maintenance, but also because it is the safest type available. The porous, yet sturdy mesh material allows precipitation to drain through the fabric, eliminating the possibility of puddles on the cover. Customers can choose from simple, commercial, or sun blocker mesh for their safety pool cover. Each type of mesh increases in density, amplifying the strength of the fabric. The fibers in the sun blocker mesh are bonded so tightly together that almost 99% of sunlight is subdued from the swimming pool water, making it the densest mesh offered. This aids in preserving not only water, but also expensive pool chemicals, saving customers a considerable amount of money. The American Society for Testing and Materials standards require that a safety cover should be able to hold a minimum of 485 pounds per 5 square feet. Pool Cover Factory's mesh cover surmounts these standards by far margins. With an amazing warranty, lasting a full 12 years, Pool Cover Factory is the best choice for mesh safety pool covers.

Solid safety pool covers are designed with a tenacious vinyl, surrounding a durable mesh fabric. To avoid water accumulating on the cover, customers have a choice of using drain panels, which are sown into the cover, or an automatic pump. The automatic pump detects any water on the solid safety cover and instantly pumps it off, maintaining the safeness of the cover and relieving the customer from the time consuming hassle of ensuring water stays off the cover.

Pool Cover Factory has the ability to not only construct a safety pool cover for any size and complex freeform shape swimming pool, but also allows the customer to decide what color suits their personal preference best. Customers can choose from a variety of natural outdoor colors; such as, black, green, grey, brown and blue. Also, any safety pool cover can be produced in as little as 7 business days. Pool Cover Factory's industry unique, extensive and detail oriented order form makes ordering a safety cover a simple process. In addition to step-by-step instructions, customers are also provided with diagrams to assist in visualizing the directions. Pool Cover Factory also covers all shipping expenses for customers, to guarantee customer satisfaction. Pool owners are welcome to Pool Cover Factory's products.

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