Pool Safety Fences is the Key to Providing Safety Around a Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-23-2010 in Articles

Families can have hours of fun and entertainment with a swimming pool on your property. However it is vital to keep your children and pets safe from accidental drowning. Pool safety fences surround your pool and prevent young children and pets access. The second leading cause of death is drowning which takes the lives of children between the ages of one and fourteen.

Having a safety fence around your pool makes sense. In many parts of the USA a pool fence is a required by law as this prevents pets and children from accessing the pool area. Even if one lives in a state where there is no law, it is still necessary to put up pool fencing. Another reason to have a pool fence is to keep pets out as many pets find their way into the pool and may not be able to find their way out.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing pool safety fences. There are many different types, styles and designs available. Pool fencing includes wood, plastic, mesh and metal. Metal fences are strong and durable, but usually block the view. Wooden fences are very attractive, but need to be maintained regularly. Plastic pool fencing is not durable and usually splits.

Mesh pool fencing is by far the most popular as it is removable and lightweight. Mesh is also durable and sturdy and proved the perfect barrier. With mesh fencing one can still enjoy the clear views of the pool and garden.

The height of pool safety fences should be no less than 4' prevent children from climbing over. The gaps should also be narrow which will prevent pets from slipping through. The gate should be self closing and lockable. Why take any chances? Protect your loved ones and keep them safe and secure.

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