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by Pool Builders on 03-09-2011 in Articles

Introduction to Swimming Pool Safety:
Despite all the joys swimming pool can bring, sometimes it can be extremely dangerous if used wrong and carelessly. Therefore, no matter what kind of pool you have (indoor or outdoor) every pool owner must be acquainted with swimming pool safety tips. Being available to swim well is not enough, sometimes it also depends on maintaining the pool in proper way. Following safety tips will protect you and your family from deadly accidents.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Children:
Of course, having a swimming pool is an exciting adventure for children, but it can also be very hazardous in spite of how well they may be able to swim and how old are they. To prevent unpleasant and even dreadful situations always follow these tips:
1) Children under the age of 5 left in the pool alone is an extremely bad idea, even older children still should be watched while swimming in the pool by a competent adult.
2) Lifesaver vests of wrong size won't save your child from drowning, as he/she would just slip through them, so having the proper lifeguard equipment is a must. Keep a ring also nearby.
3) Even when you do not use the pool you should keep an eye on it and what will be even better to secure it and make it out of children's reach. You cannot trust just a regular safety cover, but you should have a security system to enter the pool area or at least a fence around it.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for All:
Children are not the only ones who need to follow safety tips while using a swimming pool.
1) Slippery wraparound decks can cost you a life, so keep it as dry as possible. Rubber mats or buying special anti-slipping materials for the decks and other entrances to the pool will prevent people from accidental falling into the water and hitting the surface or sides of the pool.
2) There is also a possibility something can happen no matter how you secured the pool, so practice some CPR methods and keep a first aid kit at a reachable distance so you can help the victim of the accident while you are waiting for the ambulance. By the way, to call the ambulance you will need a charged phone with a good signal.
3) Don't bring glasses to drink from and other glass items to the pool, as you won't be able to see the glass parts in the water in case they break or fall in.
4) Make sure you clean the water after filling your pool, always use approved chemicals and keep those chemicals as far from children as possible.
5) Suction drains as the base of the circulation system is a bad idea, as hair can be sucked into the drain without any possibility to free yourself because of the water stream resistance. This can be disastrous, so be very careful about how the water is extracted from the pool especially if children are around at the time.

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