Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners

by Pool Builders on 05-04-2008 in Articles

Approximately one million in-ground pools and three million above-ground pools are owned by homeowners in the U.S. These are amazing statistics that deserve attention to pool safety tips. It is so easy to think that nothing bad will ever happen, but pool-related accidents cause about 50,000 trips to the emergency room each year. Here are some tips to keep your swimmers safe.

Never Swim Alone

Swimming alone can be very dangerous, even if you are a very good swimmer. Most drowning incidents occur when someone is in a pool alone. Heart attacks and injuries can be devastating if they occur in the water and, with no one around to help, can lead to fatalities. Children should never be left alone in a pool for any reason.

Pool Construction and Maintenance

To help prevent injuries, make sure you use non-slip materials on your deck. Water and slippery surfaces are an accident waiting to happen. You can also use non-slip materials on your diving board and ladders. Pool ladder steps should be 3 inches thick at a minimum. Steps that are too small can cause a misstep too easily. Also be sure to monitor your pool's equipment to make sure that everything is clean and running properly. This would include the pump, filters and other equipment.

Pool Use

Teaching your kids to swim as early as possible (generally by the age of 3) will help them be more independent in the water. Of course, small children should never be left alone for any reason, even if they have had swimming lessons. To lessen the chance of accidents, avoid pushing people into a pool, getting wild around the pool edge, and other activities that could result in injury. Never drink alcohol and then go for a swim. This is a deadly combination that can result in serious consequences.

Taking Extra Precautions

It is highly recommended that your pool be surrounded by a high fence that can be locked when the pool is not in use. This prevents children from wandering into the pool area unattended. It can also deter unwanted guests from using your pool as a fun, but illegal activity.

Keep a flotation device in your pool area at all times. Unfortunately, accidents happen without warning, and it is best to have one around. When using a pool cover on an above ground pool, take the cover off completely when the pool is in use. A partially opened pool is a hazard.

Knowing basic CPR is a good idea for homeowners. Classes are readily available in many cities and towns around the U.S. Recertification should be done yearly.

A lot of the tips for staying safe around your pool are common sense. Regular maintenance of your pool equipment and adhering to the rules can mean the difference between a relaxing, fun time in the sun, or an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Do your best to stay safe this swimming season.

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