Pool Safety for Children  

by Pool Builders on 04-26-2011 in Articles

Children are the most vulnerable group of population that sustain many swimming pool accidents. They reason behind these calamities is the negligence of parents or the other caretakers. In today busy life parents usually donot have enough time for spending it with their children and thus the children become victim to such events. It is the utmost duty of the parents to keep watch onto their children while they are in the water and also carry out necessary measures to ensure pool safety.
The most important thing is practicing touch supervision for your under five children. Children must always be accompanied by an adult when in water, either try to be with your children in water yourself or train your babysitter adequately to care for your child. Never take your eye off the child for any reason even for a few moments. Majority of the accidents in the water have occurred in less than five minutes in which the mother went inside the room to attend a call or see the food.
Next thing that you need is to get life jackets and air filled floaters for your child. These measures provide additional safety. Life jackets are really important. Some people leave their children in tubes and consider them to be safe. However this is just an illusion, as no such thing can be an alternative to the support of the life jacket. But this does not mean giving your children life jacket puts you off from your responsibilities. Keeping a watch on them is still necessary.
Place a fence around your pool that covers it from all the sides, ideally equipped with self closing and latching doors. Children usually roam around the house and whenever get chance enter into the swimming pool. The idea for them may be fascinating, but can make you repay a lot in the future. Keep all the doors and paths to the pool protected from the reach of children so that they don't get into it. Also donot place any furniture near the pool which the children will use to enter in the pool. Also don't place any toys in the pool that evokes the child's temptation and cause him to fall in water running a chase. Place alarms near the pool to give you a timely warning in case of accident. Another safe measure is to move the stairs away from the pool after you have used it. This approach can be used in the above ground pools. In this manner you will make sure your child do not climb into the pool in your absence.
When your child is old enough, get him registered to a good learning institute where he receives basic swimming lessons. Good learning is necessary to avoid any accidents in future. Also ensure that you keep all the required rescue apparatus at home. Keep the life preserver or the shepherd's hook near the pool. Learn resuscitation techniques that are very much useful in the hour of need and also teach them to your family members.

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