Pool Sand Filter– Why You Need It  

by Pool Builders on 05-03-2012 in Articles

There is a lot of debate going on when it comes to finding out the best pool sand filter in the swimming pool market. Some have gone to great lengths to prove that a certain pool filter cartridge is better than other sand filters for pools. Preferences have been varied over the years. The fact is, any swimming pool filters can be utilized to help maintain one's pool.
The oldest and commonly chosen method of filtering a pool is through sand filters for pools. The filter process is brought about by the force of gravity as it tries to pull in water down through the sand. As the water enters through the swimming pool filter sand, the sand itself traps the debris and will only clean up the water where the water then comes out of another pipe. The whole process is similar to that of a coffee maker.
The debris and dirt that have been trapped in the sand swimming pool filter will initiate a pressure drop between the filter inlet and the filter outlet. The flow of water will eventually slow down and it will indicate that the need for maintenance. The maintenance that comes with a sand swimming pool filter is termed as "backwashing." The backwash works by involving several valves that needs some adjustments which will help direct the water flow.
Instead of getting the water back into the pool, the water is drained outside to the sewage system. The flow of can simply be reversed by pumping it from the outlet then spewing it back the pipe inlet that connects to the drainage pipe. The reverse pumping process of the sand filters for pools eventually pushes out the collected debris from the sand swimming pool filter then distributed down the drainage and to the sewer.
The Hayward Pro Series top mount pool filter sand is valued at $198. It consists of a top diffuser that distributes the pool unfiltered water over the sand bed in a pattern. This would allow it to be strictly filtered in every square inch of the sand. The self cleaning component, with its laterals, gives a fast and flow balance of clean water back to the pool while giving ample time for the backwashing process. The features of the sand swimming pool filtration equipment are composed of:
€ A high performance top mount swimming pool sand filter for above ground swimming pools, inground pools and aquariums
€ A corrosion-proof tank filter that can be molded to last longer
€ A 7 position vari-flo valve provides maximum on low pressure
€ a durable pressure sand and water drain for quick service
€ a top diffuser that ensures even distribution of pool water over the sand bed for full filtration use

The HCF Commercial Hayward pool filter sand is another ideal pool filter. The product has been scientifically built and engineered with plenty of new features. They consist of:
€ a tool-free, lock twist and dome with top lid with a seal
€ commercial grade of 1 single piece injection
€ slotted materials that are arranged in a way to give maximum filtration performance
€ a big opening for easy component loading and inspection of filters

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