Pool Security Systems

by Pool Builders on 01-23-2007 in Articles

Pool security systems are designed to prevent unauthorized pool access and detect the presence of dangerous creatures such as snakes and alligators. Pool security systems also include devices that can detect electricity leakage inside electrically heated swimming pools, and alert the owner through alarms and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

Laser based pool security systems use laser beams that are invisible to the naked eye. These beams crisscross the entire length and breadth of a swimming pool and sound an alarm when anything comes in the way of these beams. These can also be installed inside the pool to detect the presence of foreign objects or animals.

Pool security systems may also include motion sensors that can detect the presence of small animals such as rats and squirrels. Apart from these, pool security systems also include digital cameras that can follow the movement of intruders or wild animals and transmit live images to a television screen. Other types of cameras include dome cameras that can capture video images in a 360-degree angle, bullet cameras, day night cameras, infrared cameras that can capture images at night, vandal proof (unbreakable) cameras and hidden cameras. The images and videos captured in a video surveillance camera are admissible in court as evidence. This makes them indispensable for law enforcement agencies and security agencies around the world.

Research is underway to develop new pool security systems that have the ability to differentiate between an unconscious human body and a moving body. This will help in quick detection of an unconscious human being who needs immediate medical attention.

Pool security systems have helped in reducing the number of pool related accidents and unauthorized entry. Pool owners can assess their pool security needs and survey the market to gather information about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of pool security systems and select a system that suits their needs and budgets.

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