Pool Service Companies' Maintenance and Other Works  

by Pool Builders on 07-28-2013 in Articles

Pool service suppliers have similar rates with each other because basically they offer the same services and materials. Owners of such things usually opt for suppliers that are more experienced and have a larger reach than others. Apart from the usual cost for the work that is done, many of the states also charge taxes for the work that people do, which can drive the cost higher. Since the work is almost always done away from the office of the workers (basically a house call), it goes to follow that the cost is high.


Pool service companies usually offer a schedule of services for those whom they have installed these things for. The schedule usually consists of cleaning, washing and repair jobs that are done routinely and regularly on the body of water as well as the spa attached, if there is one. Cleaning can range from the regular drain, clean and pressure wash jobs that are usually done at least twice a year as well as the times when it is unusually dirty or mossy. Pressure washing is included in the draining and cleaning procedure which is done twice a year, at the very least, to promote cleanliness and good health for the owners. The full clean up consisting of the draining, pressure washing and cleaning can cost around $500 and upwards, depending on the size and depth of the swimming hole and spa attached to it. On top of the regular drain, wash and clean the pool service company also advertises acid washing to thoroughly clean the surfaces. This is not done regularly; only when the surfaces are deemed to be slippery and infected with bacteria, which may not come out with regular washing and cleaning procedures.

Outside of the actual cleaning of the surface of the swimming hole, the company can also offer maintenance for it and its components. This may include the cleaning of the filters which is usually done up to three times a year, depending on the size of the place, the environment of the area, frequency of use and number of people who use it. The machine that moves the water may also need routine checkups and maintenance for it to function properly. It is important that it be checked regularly to keep it from breaking down completely. A faulty part which is not repaired or changed can lead to more extensive damage which will turn out to be more expensive in the long run compared to contracting a pool service company to do checkups and maintenance work regularly. Installation is also something that these companies may do for their clients. Many of these companies not only offer maintenance and repair but also installation as well. It should follow that when they do the installation; they can offer their clients better deals for maintenance and repair work. These are the more common services that a pool service company can offer their clients. Other services may be available upon request or depending on the area.

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