Pool Service Company In Frisco, TX: Reasons Why You Need Pool Maintenance Help  

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Adding an inground pool to your home's yard or buying a home with a pool already installed can make summers in the Texas heat bearable and will create an oasis where friends and family can gather. But a pool maintenance expert at a pool service company in Frisco, TX can tell you that home swimming pools can have a myriad of problems that can limit your enjoyment of them.
Maintaining the right level of chlorine and an optimal pH of 7.2 in your pool is vital, as is regular testing for the right levels. If the chlorine level is too high, it can cause eye, nose and skin irritations and can even kill important bacteria in your body that can leave you vulnerable to certain infections. Low chlorine levels result in unclean water, algae and bacterial growth. High pH means your pool is too alkaline and the water will become murky and cause a burning sensation in the eyes and nose. Low pH means your pool is too acidic, which can cause corrosion of pool surfaces and metal equipment. It can also result in burning in the eyes and nose. Only a reputable pool service company in Frisco, TX can properly maintain the pH and chlorine levels in your pool to keep it safe.
Improper pump prime and a filter that isn't cleaned regularly can lead to a pool water that isn't being moved through the filter so that debris can be trapped. And if the filter isn't cleaned on a regular basis, then even water being moved through the filter won't be clean on the way out as the filter will be too full to trap contaminants. Pumps generally €lose prime€ when they begin to pull air into the system. This can lead to overheating and can mean a premature replacement of the pump.
Leaks in the pool's plumbing or structure can mean damage to your property and higher water bills as water is lost from the pool. Also, the pH balance and chlorine levels won't be properly maintained because new water is constantly entering the system to replace water that is leaking out. Both types of leaks will require the services of a pool service company in Frisco, TX.
Even though winter and freezing temperatures are short-lived in Texas, you may have to consider the added expense of winterizing your pool. This is a multi-step process that includes adding winterizing chemicals and adjusting the level of water in the pool that will help to insure that your pool is ready to use when spring comes. This is also a job that requires a good pool service company.
Despite all of the potential problems and the need for continuous maintenance, the exercise and fun a home swimming pool affords you and your family more than makes up for any negatives you may encounter. For all of your pool service needs in Frisco, TX, call us at GTL Pool Service at 972-292-7372. We are the experts in pool maintenance and repair. Visit us at http://www.mygtlpoolservice.com to learn more about us and the services we provide.
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