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by Pool Builders on 01-30-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool and spa facilities exist in all sizes and vary greatly as to the activity or programs provided. They range from small inflatable residential pools to island size oasis. Some facilities are large municipal or resorts operations with multi-pool installations. These facilities may offer programs that range from infant swim instruction to competitive swim meets. Included may be curricula involving water aerobics, water sports like water polo and synchronizes swimming. Often there are diving programs, slides for children, and interactive water features.

Other facilities are simple pool operations that may be an amenity to a closed community such as a condominium or apartment complex. There are no added attractions and the only program is the pool is open for use.

The management organizations will be as varied as the facilities. As facilities become larger and more complex, the requirements of the staff become equally more diverse and specialized.

Regardless of feature size or programs offered, there must be a trained support staff that understands the proper management of water and facility operation. In every case, the individual responsible for the water quality should be a trained professional. This is true even if the care of the pool is contracted to an outside service company.

Understanding water quality is only the first step. The responsible individuals should also have a good understanding of the system components, their operational limits, and the required routine and preventative maintenance.

Pool service is very important in the operation and safety of the pool. It is extremely important for professionals and pool owners to continuously monitor their pool and be informed on the latest safety and maintenance standards. Swimming pools can be a load of fun, but they can also turn into night mares if they are not kept property. Don't hesitate to ask help from a professional pool company in your area if you run into any issues.

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