Pool Service In Phoenix Arizona Is Necessary Year Round  

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2014 in Articles

In Phoenix, Arizona, outdoor swimming pools can be enjoyed throughout the year. This makes pools more advantageous than in places where they can only be used a few months every year, but it also means more work for pool owners who service their pools on their own. If you own a pool in Phoenix, you know that cleaning, chemical balancing, and other pool maintenance can take a lot of time from your busy schedule. One smart option that has become increasingly popular is hiring a pool service in Phoenix to handle all of your pool's cleaning and maintenance for you. The modest cost of hiring a professional to service your pool almost pays for itself in time you'll save. A properly maintained pool can also save you money because it can last much longer before requiring repairs.

Phoenix pool service is relatively inexpensive. A good service company does far more than simply scoop out visible debris and periodically dump chemicals into your pool. The time it takes you to thoroughly clean your pool and check all chemical levels is significant. Based on your needs, you can arrange anything from a one-time service visit to weekly visits. If you take advantage of this cost effective service just once, you may never want to go back to cleaning your own pool again.

Proper chemical balance is crucial to maintaining your pool. There are many types of chemicals used in swimming pools, and every one of them should be balanced properly. Improper chemical levels can transmit diseases, cause the growth of algae or mold, cloud the water, and irritate swimmers' eyes and skin. Chemical balance does not happen by accident. It requires knowledge of appropriate levels for each important chemical and routine testing to ensure the right balance.

A clean pool is not only more appealing to use, it may also last longer. A professional Phoenix pool cleaning service package may include skimming, brushing and vacuuming, backwashing, and cleaning filters and baskets. Skimming cleans debris from the surface of the water. This service is important and can make a pool visibly cleaner, but it is only the first step in a thorough pool cleaning. Brushing the sides of the pool removes buildup, knocking it to the floor of the pool where it can be vacuumed out using suction from your pump. Backwashing sends water from the pool backward through your filter and out a drainage hose. This removes clogs and debris from your filter. Baskets and filters must also be cleaned out to keep them functional and free of waste.

All this maintenance takes time, and it is difficult to keep up on by yourself. Companies that offer pool service in Phoenix can come to your home at a convenient time for you, providing routine maintenance and cleaning. With the regular maintenance your pool receives, it can be a healthier place to relax, and you may find that you save money because it will last longer without the repairs that an unmaintained pool would require.

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