Pool Service Is Needed To Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2013 in Articles

One of the most attractive and beneficial add-ons to any home is the installation of a swimming system. The equipment used needs regular pool service to maintain optimum efficiency. You can hire out this service, as there are numerous specialists that only focus on this type of work, or if you are competent and have the time you can easily do the work yourself. These units come in two basic types in ground and above ground. They all use the same basic equipment and the only differences in the two are that the in ground type are in the ground and the above ground type are, you guessed it, above the ground. We are going to focus on in ground installations here, but the maintenance is basically the same for both styles.

The in ground unit starts with a hole dug in the ground to the approximate shape of the finished product. Shapes can be as varied as the imagination can make them but some of the more common types are the geometric, figure eight, rectangular, and the free form. Once the hole is dug it is spray lined with a choice of finishing materials, which can be gunite, vinyl and even Plexiglas. The most common material used though for shell construction is gunite, which is a concrete derivative. Prior to spraying the walls of the shell the drainpipes are all carefully placed in the ground around the main shell of the structure including the main drain at the bottom of the pool. Wiring for lighting is also laid out prior to shell construction and the body is then sprayed on and tiled.

Once the main body is constructed the other equipment is placed near the structure and hooked up for proper function. This equipment includes the main pump, filtering tank, wash and back wash vales and the backwash filter. Filtering of the water varies somewhat and filtering systems can range from filters that rely solely on sand to tank filters that rely on DE or Diatomaceous earth. The filters job is to circulate the water and remove large objects. Water sanitation is achieved by one of two methods with either the use of chlorine or sanitation with UV radiation and ozone. This is one area that requires regular pool service. While chlorine is one of the least expensive and effective methods of keeping the water clean and biologically neutral many people do not like the effects that chlorine has on the skin and the eyes. Because of this there has been an increase in demand for non-chlorine cleaning methods.

Once this is all accomplished the only regular pool service maintenance that needs to be done is to check the ph level of the water at least twice a week and balance it if necessary. Water Ph balancing is done by either adding muriatic acid or an alkalizer. Once the chemical is added you can check the results with a Ph strip until it is neutral. Another piece of equipment that is a must is an automatic pool scrubber and cleaner. Turning on the water circulator activates this cleaning device, which you should operate at least several hours a day to make the water sparkling clear.

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