Pool Service: You Get What You Pay for  

by Pool Builders on 05-03-2011 in Articles


Pool services woes? You are not the only one. I desire I did not receive all the cell phone calls we get from people who possess gotten stiffed by their pool guy. Folks possess called me asking me to give them a bid for new pool computers because their ex pool guy stole theirs. I possess replaced pool heating units and filter systems because their pool company did not retain proper pool chemistry. Clients with fiberglass swimming pools possess necessity their pool gentle niches replaced because the inappropriate PH level in the pool ate a gap into it. There are many horror tales but few stellar ones. This bothers me extremely much!

When you are hunting for a pool company guarantee they are certified, bonded, and insured. In Tx specifically, it is not required by the state for any of these which implies it is optional! So it is extremely crucial to guarantee they are at lowest insured. This will safeguard you if they injury your computers and/or property.

Do they possess any certifications or licenses? This could be extremely lengthy or a brief number. If they possess to be certified by the state do some analysis to learn what your state requires. Simply because they are not certified does not indicate they nonetheless will not conduct enterprise as usual anyway. For instance, in Tx we possess to be a Licensed Appliance Installer to execute any form of electric operate on a  pool also if it is just gentle switch. A different variety of qualifications would be Licensed Pool Operator (CPO) which pertains a lot more to industrial swimming pools but it does not hurt for them to possess this qualifications because it is extremely detailed in pool chemicals.

A excellent way to decide the quality of job they do is to glimpse at their price. The very best way is to name close to to 5-7 different companies. The least complicated way is to locate them on the Internet. You could search by getting into "pool services" and the town you reside in or closest a lot more recognized town. For instance, you could enter "pool service rockwall", "pool service mesquite", or "pool service dallas". Start with your town (also if it is little) then operate to larger encompassing towns. Once you possess compiled a number of companies, pricing, certifications, if they possess insurance, and their incorporated providers give them a direct for each and every qualifications. Eliminate the companies without having insurance. Now see if the one with the most points fits into your funds. If so then you possess discovered your pool guy! If not then decide on a less costly alternative or rearrange your funds to get the very best for your pool. It may expense a small a lot more now but it will expense you dearly later.




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