Pool Services Season Is Actually All Year Long

by Pool Builders on 05-05-2014 in Articles

Although most people must wait until summer to enjoy their pool, some people have the luxury of enjoying their pool all year long. However, no matter if the weather is suitable for going for a swim or not, you should take care of your pool all year long. If a pool is not properly maintained, then many problems can arise such as black algae, which can begin to form and is extremely difficult to remove. This could lead to serious problems.

According to Azure Pools, some problems that can be prevented by proper maintenance are having green water, unsafe water, and damaged pool parts. Green water is the most obvious problem to arise due to lack of sanitization. On the other hand, the water may look fine, but it may not be safe for swimming, because microscopic bacteria could be in the water. Another problem that you may have to deal with if you do not properly maintain your pool is having to repair some part of the pool, such as the tiles. The different chemicals in the water can be harsh on the tiles and cause serious damage to them. However, these issues can be prevented by properly maintaining your pool all year long either by yourself or by a pool service.

Unfortunately, it can be laborious to keep the pool clean. For example, there might be leaves floating on the water and the water might have bacteria. Fortunately, you can keep it clean without much time and effort by hiring a pool service. Although the weather is usually warm only in summer, you may want to hire someone or a company that will do the work for you all year long.

Keeping the pool clean can be a lot of work for one person. From firsthand experience, I know it can be time-consuming, laborious, and tedious to use a net to remove all the leaves from the surface of the water, especially when it is warm outside. Removing trash from the surface of the water is just one task that needs to be completed in order to maintain your pool. In addition, you have to clean the pool filter, test the pH of the water, and add the right amount of chlorine to the water. According to Lowes, maintaining it can take about six to eight hours per week. This can add up to more than 300 hours a year being spent on maintaining your pool.

No one wants to be outside in the sun for six to eight hours cleaning his or her backyard. It is much more convenient to hire a company that provides pool services for maintenance. One of the most important tasks for pool maintenance is to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of chlorine in the water. Chlorine plays a major role in killing any bacteria or algae. However, it is best to put chlorine in your pool right after the sun sets or in the early morning. This is due to the fact that chlorine will quickly dissipate when it is in direct sunlight and a lack of chlorine puts your pool in danger of being full of bacteria and algae. Hiring a pool service would not only save you from having an algae problem, it would also save you from working outside in the hot sun.

Most people might only take special care of their pool during summer, but pools should be properly maintained all year long to prevent major problems from arising, which would cost even more than if pool services were simply hired at first. Therefore, whether you decide to maintain and take care of your pool yourself or you decide to hire a pool service, it might be a good idea to make sure it is clean all year long, so that you can always go for a swim.

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