Pool Servicing - Tips For Making Your Pool Sparkling  

by Pool Builders on 03-24-2011 in Articles

A crystal clear swimming pool elevates a person's pleasure of having a pool, unfortunately it will mostly happen by using regular swimming pool upkeep.

To keep your pool clean and clear there usually are tasks that you have to do day-to-day, as well as seasonal maintenance checks.

Everyone can find all the tools and equipment you need to maintain your pool on many web based stores.

Equipment for maintaining swimming pools assist keep the pool thoroughly clean and clear. Pool manufacturers encourage the regular use of specific tools to keep the water safe for swimming.

Without proper maintenance, swimming pools can become unclean or contaminated.

A number of of the things you'll need to keep the pool clean include a pool filter, vacuum, and skimmer. Chlorine tablets prevent the growth of algae that can turn the water cloudy or greenish. To maintain an in-ground swimming pool, you will also need some pumice rocks and brushes to clean the tiles.

Daily Tasks

1. Run the pool filter at least 8 hours a day, or as suggested by the manufacturer. It is best, however, to keep the filter running 24 hours a day.
2. Use a pool skimmer to remove floating leaves and debris. Empty your skimmer baskets and clear them of leaves and debris.
3. Add chlorine to the pool daily. You can use a chlorine floater with chlorine tablets inside. You can also place slow-dissolving chlorine tablets in the skimmers or filter once a week.

Weekly Swimming Pool Servicing

1. Vacuum the pool to get rid of dirt from the bottom. Pool vacuums come in automatic or manual models.
2. Use a brush or pumice stone so that you can clean the tiles along the waterline. This is usually where deposits tend to form.
3. Swimming pool maintenance professionals recommend adding a dose of Algae Preventative in order to discourage the development of algae.
4. Use a pool cover if the pool will not be used for an prolonged period of time.

Frequent Equipment Check

Check your pool maintenance equipment repeatedly to make certain they are in good working condition and to correct minor problems prior to they get a whole lot worse. Wash out the swimming pool's skimmer container and empty the material into the trash bag.

Open and thoroughly clean out the pump strainer basket. After cleaning the skimmer and strainer basket, examine the filter and see if it likewise needs cleansing.

You may also have to replace the filter. It really is important to check the condition of the equipment and pool equipment on a month to month time frame.

Water Testing

Every two to three weeks, check your swimming pool water.

The water's ph level should be between 7.2 and 7.9 to always keep it clean as well as very clear. Water test strips will show the ranges of chlorine and pH level in the pool.

Free available chlorine level really should be at 1.0-3.0 ppm. Whenever the chemical levels are not maintained, algae will grow. This may lead to water that appears dark, green, black or possibly darkish.

Proper and frequent maintenance is the only method for you to have the swimming pool amazingly clear.

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