Pool Shop: What You Should Know About Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2011 in Articles

Most mechanical equipments and items that you can get from your favourite pool shop will require regular and preventive maintenance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Pool shop personnel and staff are the best persons to ask advice from. However, they are well-equipped to determine different factors such as the quality and hardness of your pool water as well as the condition and atmosphere in your location. These factors are the things that will help them before they could recommend the type of maintenance needed for the upkeep of your swimming pool as well as the frequency and schedule for maintenance.

Commercial and Residential Electric Water Heaters need regular checking of the following:

1. Electrical wirings and terminal lugs for loose connection and proper grounding
2. Thermostat and/or heating element
3. Anode rod monitoring
4. Check pipe lines for leakage
5. Draining and removal of calcium deposits
Both commercial and residential gas water heater need regular checking for the following:
6. Gas line, gas valve, pilot assembly and electronic module
7. Cleaning of burner
8. Sacrificial anode rode checking
9. Over-all cleaning
10. Heat Pump Water Heaters has to be regularly checked for:
11. Electrical wiring and supply
12. Wire size, over voltage setting as well as the under voltage setting
13. Pressure washing and cleaning of evaporator
14. Compressor checking
15. Actual reading of temperature, voltage and amperes
16. Circulating pump checking
17. Evaporator cleaning
18. Checking the high and low side of refrigerant pressure
19. Y-strainer checking and cleaning
20. Flow switch and gate valves checking as well as inlet and outlet temperature difference

If you are using solar panel water heaters, regular check-up is needed for the collector panel for cleaning and maintenance as well as air pressure inspection for your swimming pool's diaphragm pressure tanks. These preventive maintenance packages do not include the cost of whatever parts that needs replacement. Deliming services in case your pool is found to have excessive calcium deposits that are caused by hard water conditions in your water storage heater is also separately priced.

There are many ways to maintain and keep your swimming pool inviting and enjoyable. Apart from making sure that the equipments used to help maintain your pool, you should also consider making your pool area attractive and clean. For swimming pool landscaping, you may choose to use stone tiles like sandstone, bluestone, marble, travertine or even granite tiles. They are a bit expensive but you will be very pleased with the results. Wooden decks are also very popular for residential pool landscaping.

Some people prefer concrete as they are cost efficient since you need to have coping tiles installed at the edges of your swimming pool. Coping tiles provide a soft edge to your pool. You also have to consider the overall theme of your home in order to ensure that your pool landscaping and decoration ideas will complement your house.

Ask your pool shop for the best selection of pool equipments and accessories. Do not forget to buy pool toys that your kids would love to have such as colourful and funky shaped floaters, swim rings and beach balls. Playing water games with the whole family is great for family bonding times.

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